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Bahama Mama
Category: House Blends
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Description: Pineapple, Coconut & Vanilla Velvet.
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11/15/12 5:33am
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Excellent scent..even on cold throw and warm is even waaayyyy better. I didn't get the tanning lotion scent at all. I've ordered this five times..permanent scent for me. If you love tropical scents, you will love love love this fragrance! Give it a won't be disappointed =)
7/2/12 2:15pm
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Description fits it perfect! Smells like Coco Cabana form BBW. Yummy! Wish I could stick a straw in it! Instant beach party!
12/15/11 8:38am
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SO yummy! The perfect summer scent! It smells just like a piƱa colada!
11/1/11 10:05am
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Smells very similar to Silent Bob Goes to the Beach, very light scent, didn't warm, smells like tanning lotion