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Honeysuckle Peach
Category: Floral Fragrances
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Description: The sweetness of peaches with a bit of floral gives this fragrances a unique scent all to it's own.
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Comments for Honeysuckle Peach

7/23/12 6:07pm
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I mostly get honeysuckle but it is toned down an slightly fruity from the peach.
3/7/12 6:45pm
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I love the peach scent. It's a real ripe fresh peach smell however the honeysuckle is still too floral for me. I just want the peach by itself. Great scent throw, sweet and clean.
11/1/11 4:28pm
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This one is perfect for Spring and Summer! The peach adds a bit of sweetness to the strong honeysuckle and makes for a perfect combination. I love it!