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Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Warm floral honey with a delicate rose background, a touch of orange zest and splash of cinnamon.
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7/3/12 3:56pm
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I can totally smell the touch of orange zest, this is such a bright and happy scent! I can't help but smile when I smell it. I can't wait to mix it with a rose fragrance.
3/20/12 2:18pm
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I definitely smell a mix of orange blossom and honeysuckle with this, underneath is a honey base. SUPER STRONG! I can't melt this because I will get a headache due to the floral concentration ... Did I mention SUPER STRONG! BUT ... I found I LOVE this scent. Reminds me of a spring night breeze passing the Orange Groves here. I love just pulling this out and sniffing it. Soo uplifting. It's yellow & definitely a happy fragrance!