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Description: You asked for it, we listened!
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3/6/12 8:44pm
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This smells like a baking ham to me. It's definitely a cooked meat smell, and I do always pick up ham in particular. I wouldn't repurchase but it's a fun novelty candle.

This is definitely not something that I want my house to smell like. It's almost too strong to really pass off as a real ham cooking. Again, fun novelty scent but nothing more, for me.
10/22/11 1:32pm
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lol I thought this was funny: My boyfriend's roommate came up to yesterday and said, "The downstairs is starting to smell kind of mildew-y. Will you burn one your candles that doesn't smell like Bacon, please?" haha so even though he thought it smelled like meat, it definitely wasn't a favorite of his. Guess it'll sit around and be more of a novelty item than a functioning candle.
10/18/11 4:28pm
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ahren Yeah, directly sniffing it isn't the best idea. And it doesn't even necessarily smell like bacon, just smoky meat. It's not bad, but it's not amazing either.
10/7/11 1:00am
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sweetpetite628 Yeah, I think I might experience that if I were to smell it without the context of directly sniffing it.
10/4/11 5:56pm
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It smells similar to bacon. Very meaty and smoky for sure. My boyfriend's roommate walked in while I was burning it and asked who was making meat. lol
9/25/11 6:38am
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Not the most bacon-y scent ever.