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Heavy Metal
Category: The Candleman's Closet
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Description: SLURP! SLURP! Absolutely addicting! We could seriously slurp this fragrance straight from the bottle. Funky and fun with sweet fruity notes that leave a fizzy taste to your imagination, pure sugar in a bottle. Reminds us of the old fashioned ribbon candy!
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11/8/12 5:27pm
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Very sweet, maybe even a bit too medicine scented for me.
8/21/12 10:10pm
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This is SUPER sweet. From cold sniff, it reminded me of paint thinner or something like that. That note is still there when warm but sweeter. I like sweet scents, but this one is just too much. I have found I am not a fan of these dupes, except for two, BTWP and Peace.
7/3/12 3:54pm
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I am not a fan of L*** dupes. Too sweet, too much.
6/20/12 10:55pm
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Great throw, will be ordering again..another favorite..I'm such a candleholic..I will have LOTS of favorites.....LOL
4/16/12 10:41am
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After trying some products from L***, I can honestly say that I'm not a fan of their fragrances. There is a "funky" note to most of their products that just doesn't agree with my nose. But, if you love L*** scents - this is a dead-on dupe, with a strong throw, that you will absolutely love!
3/29/12 2:23am
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This is spot on for one of my favorite scents from the company who shall not be named... Love it 10 of 10 a staple for me
3/23/12 12:46pm
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Sugary candy, dr. pepperish, strange but that's what I smell. Super sweet.
3/2/12 9:25am
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This is my favorite scent ive tried so far its sweet and candy like with something i cant put my finger on its really a good one and i think its better in candle form and it throws really well
11/6/11 2:12pm
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this is amazing my first pick is this