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Hawaiian Tropic
Category: Tropical Fragrances
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Description: We have searched and searched for the undeniable fragrance that we all know and love -- our favorite suntan lotion Hawaiian Tropic... finally after several years of testing we have nailed this scent to a T!! Run to the beach and get your tan on with this amazing scent!
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7/3/12 3:52pm
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Smells just like pineapple and coconut, not getting the suntan lotion smell. But I do wish I could drink it. ;)
12/18/11 10:52pm
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Definitely a coconut and pineapple scent! Reminds me of Hawaiian Wedding Cake, but a perfumey version instead of bakery!
12/18/11 2:47pm
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When I ordered this in a mustard jar candle I was thinking (for some reason) that I was getting a "Coppertone" type suntan lotion fragrance but quickly realized that it must smell just like, well, "Hawaiian Tropic" suntan lotion! It turned out to be a happy accident, because I love this scent. There is a mellow undertone that reminds me just a little of Playdough, but on the whole it smells very tropical-- coconut, pineapple, subtle tropical florals.