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Hawaiian Hula Muffin
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Pineapple, Buttercream Crunch, Caramel and cookie.
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Comments for Hawaiian Hula Muffin

5/22/12 11:21am
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Smells a lot like Million Dollar Baby to me. On cold throw, the most prominent notes are pineapple and caramel. I'm not getting the buttercream note yet, but maybe after its melted.
11/4/11 8:56am
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You first get the warm caramel and buttercream bakery notes but the pineapple is right there to brighten it up, adding just a bit of fruity sweetness. Love this one!
11/1/11 6:09pm
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This is what I imagine a pineapple muffin would smell like. The pineapple is not overpowering, it's more crumbly and bakery smelling.