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Harvey Wallbanger
Category: Top Shelf Black Label
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Description: A mouthwatering blend of rich maple and velvety vanilla with notes of sweet orange combining with cinnamon, clove and hints of coconut. Maple, vanilla, anise, coumarin and myrrh add to the richness of this fragrance. You can almost get a toothache smelling it! If you like sweets you will absolutely love this one!! Very strong and very unique!!

Harvey Wallbanger
Image Copyright: Candles by Victoria
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4/16/12 10:47am
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Perhaps I'm sensitive to anise, coumarin, or myrrh, but this doesn't smell overly sweet to me (of course, this is based on cold throw - when warmed, it might be an entirely different story). This smells more like a spa-type scent to me. It is definitely unique, and very complex. I would recommend this to customers who like aromatherapy type of fragrances.
3/2/12 1:45pm
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This is SWEET. I can't burn this too long. A little too candy sweet for me, but I like it in small bits.
2/28/12 9:41pm
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Smells like red twizzlers to me.