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Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: Peach, strawberry, melon, and cassis on an undertone of apple create a truly unique fragrance.
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10/5/12 10:35pm
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I didn't let this one I put it away for about a month..and WOW...fell in love with this fragrance. I think Victoria puts magic in her can burn them one day and not like the scent..put the candle away for a while and try again..and awesome candle..I think she has little candle elves that come around to our houses and work there magic...LOL
7/20/12 8:27am
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This is a very fruity scent and almost smells slightly floral. very nice. Strong thrower.
7/14/12 2:12pm
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This is a great scent also...almost does smell like a fruit salad...needs a few weeks of curing..but well worth the wait!
7/3/12 3:43pm
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Excellent description. Apple provides a wonderful background that allows the other notes to truly shine. Love it!
6/27/12 1:25am
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Smells really good just wish that it was stronger.It really is exotic smelling.I got the peach,strawberry and melon a very good mix of fruits.i cant pick up on the apple at all.4 stars
4/10/12 1:02pm
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As weird as this sounds, and despite all of the fruity notes in this mix, it smells like a light, beautiful tropical floral scent to me. Perhaps it's because they are all mixed together so well - not one fruit note stands out above another to my nose. It's just an all-around wonderful scent, especially for warmer months. Large candle-worthy for sure.
3/29/12 4:13am
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Exotic smells like the most delicious fruit salad..5 stars I need more of this.
3/2/12 2:58am
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I love this. It smells so much like the original pink bottle of Herbal Essences shampoo.