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Enchanted Apple
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: Fresh, orchard breezes of apple trees abundant with fruit capture attention in the opening of this delightful fragrance. Sweet, mellow peaches round out the crisp sensation of the apple, and are enhanced by green leafy tones. A hint of tropical pineapple and lime interlace throughout, creating dimension. Soft, white musk provides a warm background.
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Comments for Enchanted Apple

9/24/12 8:14pm
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This one smells just like poisoned apple to me but even stronger.
6/24/12 7:07pm
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So fresh and clean... perfect for a hot summer day! Mainly smells the apples and a bit of peach is there too.
3/29/12 3:49am
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This is an EXACT dupe for Bath and Body works Country Apple. It's amazing. I lived in this scent as a teenager. I am so glad to find it here on CBV since BBW discontinued it. LOVE IT 10 of 10!!!!
2/20/12 12:38am
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Yep, Smells just like B&BW's Country Apple scent...which happens to be my all time favorite! This is probably my favorite scent of the's just that good!!
11/6/11 8:18pm
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Smells JUST like BBW's country apple scent,identical! A nicely sweet apple with a smooth,almost floral,lotion scent in the background.Smells very much like a body lotion or shampoo.