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Apricot Crumb Cake
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: A perfect blend of Sweet Apricot, Brown Sugar and Vanilla Cake. An amazing scent that is just so yummy!!!
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Comments for Apricot Crumb Cake

8/3/13 9:48am
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Warm apricot yellow cake
2/28/12 8:28pm
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My nose can't do apricot either. I really wanted to like this one.
2/13/12 2:55pm
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I'm noticing I have a problem with the apricot and crumble scents of Victoria's, so this one wasn't for me.
1/9/12 7:52am
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This one was just okay for my nose. It is heavy on the apricot, so if you like that scent this one is definitely for you. I feel like it overpowers the bakery notes a bit too much.
11/17/11 11:39am
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When I first smelled this candle I was surprised because I've never smelled anything like it. I wasn't sure that I liked it, however, it is definatly one of my favorites. You get that very distinct apricot smell and a buttery bakery background. Yum.
11/11/11 12:33am
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I wasin't a fan,the combination of the apricot and crust didin't sit well with my nose.
11/4/11 10:15am
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One of my favorites (and my husband's too). This is sweet, gooey bakery goodness with a strong throw.
11/3/11 9:20pm
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Nothing fake smelling about this one...You smell fresh sweet apricot mixed with a sugary bakery note. Very unique smell to be able to get in a candle. I love it !
11/3/11 7:51pm
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Too strong on the apricot for me! Otherwise, it's a great scent!
11/2/11 3:12am
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I LOVE this one! Definitely one of my favorites. You smell the apricots right off of the bat. But then you get that yummy cobbler scent as well. Such a yummy awesome scent!
11/1/11 5:58pm
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Very very sweet and gooey. It definitely smells like warm apricots and that gooey cobbler. Love it.
11/1/11 4:42pm
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One of my favorites! The apricot is more dominant on cold throw, but once lit, the cake part comes out and it reminds me of some type of ooey gooey dessert.
11/1/11 11:52am
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got this one in a swap. It was very good. I know there's a lot of love for it. It's not unfounded. It was a great mix of cake, apricots and I swear you can even smell the crumbs!