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Apples and Oaks
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: It's fall all year round as you sit on the porch with a barrel of granny smith apples. You catch the breeze as it picks up not only the smell of the apples, but of the aged oak barrel housing them.
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6/27/12 9:49pm
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It's a complex crisp tart apple scent. It brings memories of apple picking after it had rained. Biting into an apple in the cool air with smell of wet woods around you. A perfect fall scent!
2/28/12 8:26pm
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Didn't have the courage to melt this one. There was something very off about this one. Aged oak barrels don't agree with my nose.
1/20/12 6:58pm
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This smells like green apple wine to me. It's definitely a tart green apple, nothing sweet about it. The oak scent definitely reminds me of wine. Apples n oaks is the greatest apple scent ever in any form, love it. It will be a staple fall scent. Five stars.
12/18/11 10:49pm
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A really great apple scent for fall time! I love this one. It definitely has a shampoo note to it, one that I used as a kid is what it reminds me of! landipan, that might be the perfumey note you're picking up!?
12/18/11 12:15am
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Perfect pleasant fall scent! I get a soft apple scent with a woodsy fresh note. My only complaint is that it's SUPER light in a 9oz candle. It's good only in a scent shot I'm afraid.
11/8/11 1:10am
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I get the apple,I get the slight woodsy oak,but I something smells off and perfumey with this scent even though I made sure my SS of this was nice and cured.
11/4/11 6:43pm
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This one reminds me of this air freshener that I have that smells like apple. Fresh apple with a subtle wood note. I think I like it better in the scent shot but I think this one would be an interesting one to mix with something else.
11/2/11 6:36pm
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Did not care for this. There was a scent in it that just didn't agree with my nose
11/1/11 4:40pm
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THE perfect scent to burn in Fall. Crisp apple mingling with a slightly woody note. It reminds me of how the air smells in the Fall... fresh, light, and crisp.