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Country Fair Funnel Cake
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Your favorite summertime treat without the calories!
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Comments for Country Fair Funnel Cake

2/28/12 9:18pm
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Really like this bakery scent. It doesn't have that buttery note, which is nice.
12/18/11 2:20pm
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I have to admit I was unimpressed with this scent until it had cured for a while and I melted it. Then I promptly ordered it in a candle! To me, it smells almost identical to the real treat we buy over at our county fair each summer. It smells like fried dough with a sprinkle of powdered sugar and perhaps just a touch of maple.
11/19/11 12:29pm
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Salty fried dough. I didn't get any sweetness from my SS, which might have made it better. Not a fan.
11/1/11 5:52pm
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I don't think it necessarily smells like funnel cake, more of a generic bakery scent with maple maybe? It's still good though.