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Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: Just a straight coconut.. nothing else.
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8/30/12 4:30pm
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Strong real coconut smell very creamy.
5/25/12 12:04am
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I dispise this scent. I think it smells horrible. If its a true coconut then I guess i dont like what a real coconut smells like. I guess I was expecting it to be sweet but it really is not. But good news, it does linger and I'm trying to get it out of my room..... I have been trying to get myself to like it but I dont, sorry.
4/29/12 10:51pm
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Straight coconut. Just like tanning oil, it almost has that creamy type note to it. Like a coconut milk...?
4/18/12 7:33am
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Realistic, strong, delicious, creamy, coconut goodness!!!
11/1/11 12:55pm
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Super awesome! And the longer it sits, the stronger and better it smells.
9/29/11 3:16pm
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Strong, good, long-lasting. Realistic.