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Apple Jack N Peel
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Apple Jack N Peel is a blend of Red Apple, Cinnamon, Clove and Orange. If you love the Claire Bruke version of this scent you will love ours even more!!
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6/28/12 6:39am
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Spicy you get the cinnamon and clove and it's strong then you get the orange peel/red apple peel in the background. It's like a spicy hot apple cider smell.(Strong throw)
4/29/12 7:47pm
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11/17/11 11:32am
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I do believe this scent description is accurate but I found this really strong and gave me a huge headache, but if you're not sensitive to the smell it makes a great fall scent.
11/2/11 4:16pm
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I LOVE Apple Scents. This is is great. I use it in the living room. It's not my personal favourite, but it's a safe traditional, all occasions apple. :) Awesome.
11/1/11 11:51am
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I got this for my MOTM candle last year. Boy howdy, this baby is STRONG!! if you're looking for a great, knock your socks off apples and spice candle, you cannot go wrong with this one!