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Chocolate Chip Cookie
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Do you love the smell of chocolate cookies baking in the oven? This fragrance will send you running to the store for the real thing.
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4/10/12 1:21pm
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This is one of those scents that smell even better when warmed. To my nose, once it was warmed, it had that crispy chocolate chip cookie smell that most everyone picks up on. I also think that it makes a great mixing scent.
3/5/12 9:45am
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It smelled fantastic for a while, like a real crisp chocolate chip cookie. Then I left the room and came back and it just smelled sour. I don't know if I had a dud scent shot or what, but it was not good.
11/17/11 7:47pm
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I know some people dont like this scent i but i really love it. very authentic cooked crisp cookie when burning.
11/2/11 12:58pm
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This is a good chocolate chip cookie scent.
11/1/11 12:57pm
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If you want a realistic smelling CC cookie candle, then get this. It has a crisp cookie note, along with the brown sugar, butter, and chocolate chips. I seriously love this candle.
10/2/11 8:58pm
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Smells just like the real thing! You get that doughy cookie note, combined with the yummy smell of chocolate. To die for!