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Cherry Almond
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: A perfect blend of two of my favorite scents. This is one strong fragrance!!
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11/17/13 6:09pm
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I am so sad that this smells the way it does! It makes you feel sick and brings on a headache and I didn't get the Jergen's lotion smell at all and I love that lotion! Eh just not for me or my nose or anyone else that lives in my house, who all love cherry almond scent just not this one unfortunately :/
5/23/13 11:11pm
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Very strong. My mom says it highly reminds her of the Jergens lotion. To me it's a decent cherry scent, mot sickeningly sweet, like medicine but still very very sweet.
7/3/12 3:29pm
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Smells like Jergen's lotion. Not terrible, but definitely not a reorder.
3/28/12 9:43pm
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cherry almond scents remind me of that original jergens hand soap. this is no exception. it's pretty strong on cold throw. i ended up giving it to my mom.
3/2/12 9:16am
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0 Stars i hate this scent more than i hate any scent in the world it makes my stomach ache its horrible it reminds me of milk of mag cherry flavored medicine that i hate...sorry
12/15/11 12:14am
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REALLY strong. I love almond and cherry but this is pretty overpowering! The cherry is a sweet cherry, not medicine cherry and almond extract scent.