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Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: A perfect New York Cheesecake is what this yummy scent reminds us of! DEVINE!
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11/17/13 6:51pm
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This one's okay by itself, but it is great for mixing! Don't get the smell of cheesecake but it's a nice sweet creamy smell, so experiment!
5/24/12 11:58pm
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I really dislike this scent. I gave it one star. Its not really what cheese cake smells like to me. Its too rummy. And I dont like the smell of rum at all.
1/23/12 9:27pm
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A basic creamy scent. Great to mix with others!!!
12/18/11 1:56pm
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I really wanted to love this scent because I adore cheesecake (though my waistline does not, sadly!) I was expecting more of a rich, sweet, creamy scent with a slightly tart/tangy edge and perhaps an essence of graham cracker crust. But, honestly, it smelled more to me and my family like some sort of light pastry crust with almond. I tried letting it cure and experimented with both SS and candle versions, but the scent, while pleasant, just didn't smell as I had hoped.