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Apple Cider
Category: Drink Fragrances
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Description: It is like driving down a country road on a brisk autumn day and coming upon an old-fashion cider mill. You are enticed by the rich aromas of ripe green and red apples, crisp, sweet and tart, all at once.
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9/16/12 12:05am
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Great apple cider scent spicy but not too spicy.Great scent and very strong.
2/28/12 8:19pm
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I love most CBV apple scents, but this one didn't do it for me. Ironically enough, I have a cup full of apple cider next to me, and the scent shot didn't have the right cider note.
11/3/11 12:25pm
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Very strong scent, the tartness of the apples takes over the whole house. I love the smell of apple cider though, so I would reorder this, but probably mixed with something else. Christmas Apple Cider Snap and Pomegranate & Cider are good.
11/1/11 11:06pm
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10/2/11 8:21pm
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Smells just like crisp apples... I kinda thought there would be some spice notes due to the "cider" in the title, but there is none, just the scent of juicy apples. If you are looking for a deeper scent of apples than Mac. Apple but don't want spiciness, give this a try!