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Carrot Cake
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Rich and scrumptious, this fresh baked scent will leave you asking for more. A creamy, buttery, cake base with a touch of nuts, sweet caramel and fruity undertones, this is capped with a warm, enticing vanilla cream icing feel. A sure winner with the bakery loving crowd, leaving them all wanting sec
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Comments for Carrot Cake

12/18/11 10:15pm
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really sweet!
11/19/11 11:02am
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I love this fragrance. One of my top 10. Mine smelled very similar to Carrot Cake Orange Delight.
11/17/11 7:44pm
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I was NOT a fan of this scent. had very wierd note in it i cannot place.
11/2/11 12:54pm
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Just OK for me in scent shot. Not very strong thower. Hoping for more when I try carrot cake orange delight.
10/31/11 12:03am
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Melting a 1/4 of a SS with 1/4 of a Cream Cheese Frosting SS.... so decadent!