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Caramelized Pralines
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: This is a yummy rich scent. Rich delicious caramel and fresh roasted pralines.
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Comments for Caramelized Pralines

7/28/13 6:29pm
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Butter with a hint of pecans.
6/26/12 10:31pm
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Love this one it's rich creamy caramel and very nutty great on its own and as a mixer super super strong
3/29/12 12:24am
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This was one of the very first scents I tried by CBV. It's an extremely strong caramel and nut bakery/food type fragrance (Which is not my favorite type of fragrance). When I melted this I could only melt it in tiny pieces because of how strong it is. I have to say I did use up the entire scent shot but I wouldn't reorder this because it was just too strongly a bakery fragrance with no fruit to lighten it up or make it more appealing to my own personal tastes. This is a 4 out of 10 for me because it's not a bad fragrance, it's just not for me. I would not reorder this.
12/13/11 6:32pm
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Smells just like freshly made pralines!!! Amazing!
11/17/11 7:43pm
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This is an amazing scent and not for the "weak of nose" lol. its super strong super buttery. im so glad victoria chose this for me as a replacement for goldilocs because it was love at first sniff
11/6/11 10:04pm
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Not a fan of this one personally,too buttery-caramel-y than I could handle,almost smells like feet to me,sorry!
11/5/11 11:10am
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Yummy caramely sweet scent. I don't get much of a nut scent. More ooey gooey caramely goodness! Also this baby is STRONG!!
11/4/11 8:03am
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I can never remember what pralines actually are but this scent is warm and ooey gooey good. It's caramely and almost nutty. Yum! (cold throw)
9/28/11 10:37am
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this is very strong, sweet and good!
9/28/11 9:15am
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Strong and caramell-y, I notice that more than the nut note.