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Caramel Corn
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Oh my gosh! If this doesn't smell like caramel corn, I don't know what does! You can smell the caramel, the butter, the popcorn and a touch of maple. This one is destined to be a best seller!
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12/18/11 2:37pm
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I was a bit confused by this one, even after giving it quite a bit of cure time. I didn't smell much popcorn and the caramel/maple fragrance had sort of a non-edible "perfumey" note to my nose. If I don't think of it as a "caramel corn" food scent then I am more able to enjoy it as a sweet, pleasant fragrance. Still, it's not a candidate for re-order.
11/19/11 10:58am
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I love this one. I'm hoarding my SS of this. It smells like warm popcorn with caramel drizzled over the top!
11/1/11 12:56pm
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At first when I smelled this candle cold I couldn't really smell too much. When it cured a bit, I could smell it a little more. Once I actually burnt the candle, it had a very sweet scent which I liked. Caramel and maple is what stands out in this scent.