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Caramel Chocolate Cherry
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Rich sweet caramel, decadent chocolate with a touch of cherry... so yummy!
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7/18/12 1:21pm
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I'm so glad I got this one on a whim. I don't smell a strong cherry note, simply something sweet which is balanced nicely with the caramel and chocolate. This is a reorder for me.
6/6/12 5:26pm
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I could only pick up strong cherry notes...No chocolate or caramel.
3/20/12 12:02pm
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To me when warmed it smells exactly like a maraschino cherry and not cherry almond which is good. There is more caramel than chocolate, you smell this more on cold throw. Real strong scent throw filled two rooms. I think it might be good mixed with a vanilla to tone it down.