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Caramel Apple
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Rich and yummy with a combination of caramel and apple this scent will remind you of the caramel apples you made as a kid.
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6/30/12 4:51pm
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Amazing!!! It smells exactly like my favorite caramel apples from Germany in Epcot. Tart Granny Smith apples and sweet Werthers caramel. Pretty good throw but I have it in a 4 oz so larger sizes would probably give great throw. I'm getting a mustard jar for fall!
2/28/12 9:01pm
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Got a 4oz'er in this. A really great throw and a sweet apple blend. Amazing in my books.
11/17/11 7:40pm
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man, i must have gotten a dud. i need to revisit this scent. when i burned mine i got all apple, no gonna try this one out again
11/6/11 8:15pm
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I got a candle in this and found it to be heavy on the ooey gooey caramel with the fresh apple in the background.Very nice for fall and caramel apple lovers!
11/2/11 1:49pm
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i love the apple scents but i'm not all too thrilled about the caramel with this. strange because i love, love the caramalized pralines which is very sweet and nutty to me. for those who love caramel apples, you should enjoy this one.
11/1/11 5:33pm
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In scent shot I get a lot of apple, while in a candle I get tons of caramel. Either way it's very good.
10/2/11 9:27pm
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I am in the minority when it comes to this scent. So many love it. Maybe I got a dud or something. I wanted more caramel. Maybe I should mix this with Buttery Caramel..???... yum!