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Category: Perfume/Cologne Fragrances
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Description: Inspired by Angel perfume, this is a soft, sweet woody-floral composition with azalea, jasmine, lavender and rose notes underscored by patchouli and other precious woods with hints of citrus and other fruits appearing in the top note. Balsam and vanilla add rich sweetness.
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9/30/13 9:04pm
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We ♥♥♥ this scent. FAVORITE!
6/27/12 1:49am
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Smells just like angel!!!my moms favorite perfume.If you like angel then this scent is for you.I am not a fan of the perfume but my mom loves it and she will always have this in SSS.(VERY VERY STRONG THROW)
2/28/12 8:16pm
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Sweet blend of patchouli -very similiar to the perfume but a little lighter. One of my go-to's.
1/20/12 7:09pm
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Smells like a softer version of the perfume. If you like the perfume, then you will really enjoy this candle.
11/1/11 4:35pm
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Smells soft and feminine, sorta on the floral side, but nothing heavy. It smells more clean-ish. Love to burn this one after cleaning house!