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Angel Food Cake
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Sweet and yummy this smells just like the real thing baking in your oven. Angel Food Cake lovers this is a must have for you!
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Comments for Angel Food Cake

7/28/13 6:25pm
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Smells like a rainbow swirl lollipop to me.
2/24/13 8:42pm
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I love this scent. Slight cherry almond scent with a sweet cake scent. SS had a nice throw, I would buy this again! I let this SS cure for about 2 months.
3/28/12 9:45pm
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at first sniff i got a strong cherry almond scent. now, about a week later, the cherry almond has toned down (still there) and i get a lemon scent. this could be a nice mixer.
2/28/12 7:58pm
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A good bakery scent - sweet and a feint almondy cake.