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Ahren (the Creator!)
11/15/11 7:18pm
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Hello all! I'm glad to see such a positive response to the site and I'm glad that you are finding it useful.

I just wanted to let you know that we are taking a brief hiatus from working on the site because we are approaching finals and then shortly after, moving across the country!

We have been seeing your suggestions (and they are some mighty good suggestions indeed, most of which we've actually played around with trying to implement before). I really look forward to getting back to working on this and putting into place some of your creative and awesome ideas.

Some of the things specifically that I shall be working on ASAP are: create a scent, jar of tarts, sampler packs, and multiple order plotters per user.

Thank you for your support and understanding.

Peace and DFTBA
from Ahren & Sara
Ahren (the Creator!)
11/1/11 3:47am
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Hello everyone and welcome to the CBV Browser!

We've been very busy at work over the last month tweaking things (and life and school and those pesky things) and getting everything ready so you can have an enjoyable experience using CBV Browser!

We wanted to get it out to you sooner than later and with that being said there are still some important updates that will be coming in the not so distant future. The first and foremost of these include support for:

sampler packs
create a scent
jar of tarts
swap lists
optionally public wish lists

And much much more...!

Thanks to our wonderful beta testers, everything on the site should be tip top and working well but if you encounter any errors or the like please don't hesitate to contact us and let us know.

So I think that is it for now, without further ado, I present to you, the CBV BROSWER! TADA! (Does anyone have a really large pair of scissors?) :P
Ahren (the Creator!)
10/1/11 2:23am
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Greetings homo sapiens (and aliens alike)!
Today's big update comes to us in the form beautifully designed (by SaraMurph) previous and next buttons on the browser to browse through scents alphabetically (more options to come).

...Aaaand a new scent category in which you can go to see Victoria's new scents that she releases each month.

As always, we are always open to suggestions, and as of right now we still have many more tricks up our sleeves.

I hope you all are well!
Peace from Ahren. :)

P.S. Have you witnessed the amazing adorableness of Purin, the Super Beagle?
Ahren (the Creator!)
9/30/11 7:34am
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Hello all!
Okay, so we've been a bit busy getting everything shipshape and whatnot. :)

Here are some fun updates from today's and some of your suggestions:
- editable comments -

- fixed and elaborated on the back to browsing links -

- clicking favorite automatically rates scent 5 stars -

- And last but definitely not least, @replies! -

Keep the awesome suggestions coming...and we'll keep working...and staying up until 5:30am...!?!?!? Hmmm, maybe it's bed time.

We have many more exciting features coming down the line in the near future as well. Also, if anyone has any design ideas of how to make a more coherent design of the add to wishlist and "I have tried buttons" it would be much appreciated as those have been a bit of a roadblock recently.

Anyways...that's all for now!
Peace and DFTBA from Ahren!
Ahren (the Creator!)
9/29/11 5:44am
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Hello dear beta users,
We have implemented some new features as well as improved previous ones. Sara has done an excellent job on re-doing the stars to make them more visible against the main background.

I have been working on various tweaks things here and there but in my excitement about playing candle bingo for my first time, I have implemented a candle bingo manager to manage your words if you play. :P

I hope you enjoy using the new features and thank you so very very much all of your beta testing, use, and suggestions for the site. Together we can make this a great thing, so keep on giving suggestions. :)

Peace from Ahren