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About the CBV Browser
This browser is designed to help navigate, organize your scents, and ultimately make decisions about Candles by Victoria’s wonderful assortment of scents. This site is for the community surrounding CBV and anyone who wants help in finding scents to try.

Note: The scent category system is based solely off of the drop down menus used to select scents on Candles by Victoria's website. If you cannot find a scent in the category that you think it is in, use the SEARCH or ALPHABETICAL option.  If you find any other problem with a scent or category, please contact us.

About Candles by Victoria
Founded in 1999, by Victoria Elliot Palmer, Candles by Victoria (CBV) is a family-built, candle making and scent development company. CBV makes the most wonderful smelling scents that are potent but not overpowering and won’t break the bank either.

The idea for CBV Browser was formed when The CBV Team (Sara and Ahren) put the master list that was tediously put together by Maureen into a spread sheet to check off  scents that Sara had tried and scents she wanted…this was helpful but proved to be fairly inflexible and so they wanted more. Ahren being the programmer that he is started thinking (which is a dangerous thing) and thought that this could be a simple project; little did he know what he was up for. The project quickly grew when The CBV Team kept thinking up more and more possible features that the site could have. Finally after just over the week of almost around the clock programming, database entry, and design, by Ahren and Sara (and a few bits of help from dear friends here and there) the browser was ready for beta testing. And that’s where we are now!