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Bunny Slope
Category: The Candleman's Closet
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Description: Fluffy white clouds of icing decorating the perfect cake! Decadent and delicious pure almond icing.
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10/6/12 8:28pm
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This used to be called "Snow Bunny" similar to the L*** name. However, i've never smelled the L*** scent and I actually like this one! It's not what I was expecting!
3/30/12 1:15am
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It does smell like a cherry almond!! But I like it.
3/2/12 3:04pm
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No oh my gosh it makes my stomach so sick it smells to much like the cherry almond that medicine smell ohhh no
1/27/12 12:17pm
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It is similar to what it's duping but I wouldn't order it again because its very weird cold throw and when its melting the scent isnt strong enough
11/18/11 1:30am
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To me it was not a dead on dupe, i think really i just got a cherry almond note, not really a fan.
11/1/11 10:29pm
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It smells like almond icing and soap. Kind of a weird combo but it smells similar to what it's duping.