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Warm Apple Fritters
Category: Customer Creations
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Description: Macintosh Apple and Cinnamon Donuts. Created by Ellie.
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Comments for Warm Apple Fritters

5/14/13 1:34am
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A really great bakery scent! Cinnamon Donuts is amazing by itself and adding the Mac Apple makes it smell just like an apple fritter... I really want one now! ;)
7/14/12 7:02pm
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This has a really strong throw. If you love apple bakery fragrances, you will love this scent.
4/18/12 12:03pm
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I rated this a 3 because I warmed it but I think it may need to cure. All I got was macintosh apple, and the barest touch of some generic bakery because the cinnamon donuts hasn't cured in yet. I am hoping that once it does it will be better