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Watermelon Cupcake
Category: Customer Creations
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Description: Tiffany-D and Pink Cupcake. Created by Tina and Kayla.
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Comments for Watermelon Cupcake

8/10/13 8:31pm
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Watermelon candy with a hint of vanilla
9/6/12 4:58am
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I think this is just like tiffany-d but stronger with a creamy note from the pink cupcake very yummy.
5/30/12 12:08am
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watermelon starburst. amazing scent!
4/13/12 7:44pm
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This is amazing! I'm not a huge fan of Tiffany-D but love Pink Cupcake. These two scent blend together so well!
4/12/12 8:32am
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Mmmmmmm YUMMY!!! It really is a perfect mix of the two scents and smells like a watermelon cupcake