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Blueberry Cobbler
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Rich very fragrant blueberry with that hint of homemade cobbler, this is a very popular scent.
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Comments for Blueberry Cobbler

5/28/13 2:06am
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Smells just like taking a bubbling blueberry cobbler out of the oven! A must have for bakery lovers!
9/3/12 11:43pm
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This is yummy. I can smell a almost brown sugar note and some butter. Definitely not just a blueberry smell... there is a warm crusty/crumb combo in there too!
7/2/12 7:13pm
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Sweet and yummy! Light, fruity, AND bakery. Wish I could eat it. ;)
6/27/12 3:10am
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I LOVE THIS ONE!!!This is my favorite scent.I can't live without this one it is a must have for me.It smells just like a real blueberry cobbler.juicy blueberry, crumbly crust what more can you ask for its sooooo good and nice strong throw as well yummy yum yum yum!!!
5/22/12 5:28pm
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This scent is super strong on cold throw, so I melted a tiny piece of the SS. Unfortunately, that was still just too much. For a blueberry lover, this might be a good scent. But for me, it just didn't work.
3/29/12 10:42am
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I have to say on cold throw I don't like this scent but warmed it smells like the most juicy blueberry pie with a delicious buttery cobbler. 9 of 10 I'd reorder this.
11/18/11 12:57am
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This is one of my fav bakery scents. Its strong, very blueberry and full of warm bakery goodness. I want to eat this.
11/6/11 4:46am
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My absolutely favorite bakery scent! This smells like a legit blueberry cobbler just as it's taken out of the oven.You get that ooey gooey bubbling blueberry filling along with the thick,warm and crumbly crust! I've already finished my 8oz of this scent and craving a huge jar of the stuff!
11/1/11 9:52pm
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I loved this one at first, but after it's on the warmer a couple of hours, I get a strong wax smell and I have to turn it off. The cobbler notes totally disappear and all I smell is blueberry wax.
11/1/11 8:01pm
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Delicious! This blueberry packs a punch. It is both sweet and tart. The cobbler portion smells like raw buttery dough. When heated both the cobbler and the blueberry marry quite nicely. The scent throw is really good!
11/1/11 5:13pm
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Delicious scent of candy-ish, canned pie filling type of blueberry with a buttery cobbler scent. I love how balanced this is. This one is strong and the throw is incredible. I rate based on throw and accuracy of the scent description so I gave it 5 stars.