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Blueberry Cheesecake
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Rich and creamy cheesecake, covered in tart and tangy blueberries with buttery rich notes of graham cracker crust.
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Comments for Blueberry Cheesecake

9/9/12 5:47am
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Smells like creamy fruit snacks...I like it!
6/27/12 5:41am
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Smells like a very sweet candy blueberry and very creamy from the cheesecake part. I didn't get that crust note that i love with this one. Its very good don't get me wrong but i love the blueberry cobbler i don't think anything can beat that one but i still would buy this one again.(Strong throw)
3/17/12 10:31am
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Im not a bakery girl but OH EM GEE THIS IS GOOOOOOOOD!!!!!!!!!!
2/29/12 2:49am
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Really, Really Good. Sweet blueberry without that "bakery note." One of my top bakery scents. I think someone said it smells how one of the Strawberry Shortcake dolls used to, and it does!
11/18/11 12:54am
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I really enjoy vic's blueberry scents but this plays second fiddle to bb cobbler. This is more of a strong fruity bb with a creamy note. Its pretty awesome and I do get the "fruit roll up" scent mentioned by lepooke
11/12/11 12:47am
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Sadly i didn't like this one as much as most people seem to love it. I first got it in a scent shot and i liked it.. but I ordered it in a big Love Victoria glitter candle and did not like it at all. I can't pin point exactlty why but at least for me it smells better in the scent shot. Over all i would of liked this scent to smell more blue berry-ish and less cakey like some people had described it as. Would not repurchase.
11/2/11 7:42pm
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This has an odd aroma of raw dough to me. I've learned that I don't like anything that is sedcribed as having a note of crust.
11/1/11 9:50pm
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All I get is a sweet blueberry. I don't get the cheesecake or graham cracker notes, but I wish I did. It's still a great scent though!