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Fair Day
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Inspired by CAS this yummy fragrance mix of our Caramel Apple and Cotton Candy, amazing!
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9/14/12 11:08pm
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Sweet/tart apple scent with a little caramel note.Med/light throw
5/26/12 7:59am
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i love love love this candle. I burn it on colder days and It gives me an instant pick me up. I definitely get more caramel than anything in this sent but its amazing. definitely one of my favorites.
2/14/12 2:00am
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This smells great, but its a bit too mild, maybe I should let it cure longer. I'll wait another week. But I get the tart green apples, slight sweetness from the caramel and strawberry sugaryness from the cotton candy. I would get a candle in this.