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Fruit Loop Explosion
Category: Comfort Candles
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Description: This fruity candle creation begins with a layer of our famous fruit loops scent. We then surround the entire candle with wax fruit ring embeds followed by a whipped layer of fruit loops and marshmallow ambrosia. We then topped the whole thing off with more fruit rings, wax embed gummy bears, wax marshmallows and sprinkled it with green and red sugar crystals! To good to be true!

Fruit Loop Explosion
Image Copyright: Candles by Victoria
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Comments for Fruit Loop Explosion

6/27/12 10:25pm
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I LOVE LOVE LOVE this candle and the throw is REALLY strong..going to buy two on my next order. If you haven't tried this, you are REALLY missing out. This is the type of candle that ALL candle lovers will love! YUMMY YUMMY!!!!!!
6/19/12 7:22pm
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I LOVE this candle and it is a very true Froot Loop scent. I'm hesitant to burn mine because it's such a work of art!
3/29/12 9:28am
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This is an adorable candle and I love the scent. 9 of 10 only because I didn't get marshmallow embeds on top of mine and I like regular fruit loops scent better. I may reorder this.