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Zucchini Bread
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: This scent is amazing and so realistic! Regardless of the weather outside or anxiety of the day, the spicey scent of zuchini bread baking in the oven will permeate your home, this is destined to be a year round favorite!
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6/3/13 1:34am
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On cold sniff, I got an almond note that my nose didn't care for, but warmed up that disappears. So warming and unique... not that spicy and just enough sweetness. Super yummy!
10/24/12 1:52am
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Great unique bakery scent! Great throw on the 4oz mini jelly jar.
8/30/12 9:08pm
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Smelled like a real zucchini bread baking in the oven so good but hubby didn't seem like it so this one i will only melt when hes not home.Not too spicey and its super strong.I loved this one and need this in sss.
7/18/12 2:16pm
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Didn't like this on cold throw, it just smelled spicy to me. But once I melted it, my house smelled like a wonderful bakery. This is very strong. I melted in the morning, turned off the warmer and the scent was still lingering when I came home from work at night. I'd say this is perfect for fall or winter.
5/22/12 4:25pm
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This is a very strong bakery scent, so I only melt a little bit at a time but it is super good when melting. I love the spicy notes.. Smells just like a fresh baked spice cake.
12/19/11 4:47am
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Like a sweet cinnamon cake in the oven! Strong, but not really for me...Surprising because this seems to be a favorite on the message board!