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White Ginger
Category: Floral Fragrances
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Description: Also known as "Awapuhi" The Hawaiian White Ginger plant, which grows wild over the islands, and has long been known for it's enticing, sweet and spicy fragrance, this oil captures the mystique and allure of this most infamous flower.
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11/18/13 12:31am
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This ones pure yumminess! It's light and not strong in a good way! Great for a single room or the whole house, so good for EVERYWHERE!
11/2/12 10:47pm
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Very floral not my kind of scent light thrower.
8/24/12 2:37am
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"light" is a good description of this like bright florals and a little bit of clean. For some reason I pick up a little lemon.
5/22/12 4:31pm
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This is a very nice floral. Not overwhelming at all, just light and refreshing.
2/25/12 9:09pm
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Very light, fresh floral. Not overpowering or headache-inducing at all.
1/24/12 3:30am
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I really liked this one at first, on cold throw and in the warmer. Sadly, it gives me headaches, no more for me!