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Black Velvet
Category: Earthy Fragrances
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Description: Name that scent contest winner Wylie Webb, came up with this name for our magical blend of earthy sandalwood & ylang ylang, with a quick top note of patchouli and base notes of baby powder and vanilla.
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11/18/13 12:28am
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Strong powdery scent for sure but it's a really nice scent when melted especially for the whole house! Nowhere near being a bad scent in my books just a little on the strong side.
10/18/12 3:45am
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Powdery. I do get a pretty strong note of patchouli, but my nose is sensitive to that note. Not a favorite, but not bad.. middle of road for me.
3/6/12 12:00am
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Absolutely love it.
3/2/12 3:01pm
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This scent cold is not as good as it is warmed up its nice and like a dark powdery smell...not the best and not the worst either
2/29/12 2:42am
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Too powdery and made the air stuffy.
1/24/12 3:26am
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VERY powdery. I think I would like this a lot more if it weren't for that powder note. For the same reason I don't like Edward Cullen/Twilight and I wish I did! Yummy earthy scent otherwise!