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Viva La Juicy
Category: Perfume/Cologne Fragrances
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Description: A dead on dupe for this popular fragrance.
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1/19/13 12:09am
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This converted me to the actual scent. Delicious, accurate, sweet and floral.
11/2/12 10:47pm
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Dead on dupe wish it was stronger.
7/3/12 9:23pm
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DEAD ON DUPE! Absolutely perfect! A great fragrance for when you have company coming over, it is a crowd pleaser! 5 stars, and you b est believe I will be reordering!
10/22/11 5:59pm
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I loved this so much that I had to go out and buy the perfume! And I was happy to discover that CBV makes a perfect dupe. So sweet and girly! It's strong but didn't give me a headache which I was nervous about since this is a perfume scent. YAY!