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Vanilla Bean Noel
Category: Perfume/Cologne Fragrances
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Description: Vanilla Bean Noel is a warm blend of fresh vanilla bean, warm caramel and rich, comforting cream.
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Comments for Vanilla Bean Noel

8/28/12 4:10am
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Smells so yummy it's a sweet creamy vanilla scent not too purfumey.Great on its own but also a good mixer.Another one that i love.This one is on the lighter side but oh so good.
7/20/12 5:24am
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Keeper for me..I bought this from someone a couple of years ago"...and again CBV blew them out of the water on this one also.
5/25/12 4:59am
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The scent is spot on with BBW's. Best dupe!
5/22/12 4:30pm
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I've never smelled what this is duping. I like this scent though. It's creamy and buttery.. I love using it as a mixer.
5/4/12 7:11am
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3/29/12 11:09am
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Really sweet perfumey vanilla. nice as a mixer.
3/26/12 12:48pm
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2/29/12 4:44am
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Really Sweet. Great dupe. I think I wore this scent out though. I can't burn it anymore.
2/11/12 1:25am
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Smells really smooth and not too purfumey, kind of like a vanilla bean frappicino.
1/21/12 2:23am
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My favorite Vanilla scent! I loooooove this one! Let yours cure for a few weeks to experience the most out of this candle. YUMMO!!
1/8/12 9:56pm
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I've only smelled the BBW scent of this one or two times and it was nice, but it didn't sweep me off my feet.

This CBV scent though... AH-freaking-MAZING! I was afraid it would have a perfume-like note (being a body product dupe) but it doesn't. It's a crazy good, creamy, rich, vanilla scent that is just sooo good! I bought this in a 4oz for my mother and the day after I smelled it I bought myself one in a Love, Victoria candle. ♥ I love it.
12/8/11 3:57am
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An exact dupe of the BBW scent!