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Description: Unwind with notes of calming Lavender, Rosemary and Geranium.
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11/18/13 12:54am
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Smells so good melted! Smells nice cold too but so much better melted! The lavender & rosemary mix so well and smell great but I don't smell much of the geranium which is fine. And yes aromatherapy is a great word to use for this scent, so calming and relaxing love it!
4/16/12 2:51pm
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I can't pick out the individual scents listed - but even though they are all floral-type scents, this is not an overly floral fragrance. It's a very soothing scent that you would expect to smell upon walking into your favorite spa. Even though it's not for my nose, I can see it being an excellent choice for those who enjoy aromatherapy candles (like SkylarkMelody mentioned).
1/15/12 9:42am
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I'm college student carrying a very heavy course load this quarter, and this calming scent genuinely does help me unwind. It's perfect for burning while you're writing a paper. I melt it in scent shot form in a tart warmer when I'm at school, and it fills my dorm room with much-needed aromatherapy.