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Twilight Woods
Category: Perfume/Cologne Fragrances
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Description: Inspired by a romantic walk in enchanted woods, Twilight Woods is a complex blend of apricot nectar, mimosa petals and Tuscan cypress.
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5/25/12 5:01am
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Almost spot on dupe of BBW's.
2/29/12 4:42am
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Love to wear this, and burn it. Great dupe! Woodsy.
2/4/12 2:58am
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I love twilight is a perfect bedroom scent i doesnt matter to me if it is suppose to be a dead on dupe its a fabulous scent very sensual
11/5/11 4:26pm
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Love it! I think it does smell just like original, maybe even better. This is another one of those scents that I like to burn at night to relax.
11/1/11 5:07pm
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I rate based on throw and accuracy of the scent description so I gave it 4 stars. This is a beautiful scent but it's not a dead on dupe for the candle from BBW. It's not too far from the way the lotion smells. It came sweeter and more perfumey and less woodsy than the original. It's still very nice and a reorder of mine. I tried this in the candle form and I prefer the BBW version over this one but CBV's scent is still beautiful.