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Description: Jess one of our wonderful customers had us mix Edward Cullen and Bella Swan together the scent was magical so we decided to add it to our line of fragrance and name it "Twilight". Enjoy!
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8/27/12 7:53pm
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This smells wonderful....smells fruity, fresh, and floral.
3/21/12 2:30am
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smells like edward cullen mixed with grandma. did not even attempt to melt this one.
1/24/12 4:05am
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I like this WAY better than Edward Cullen, but still not a favorite. Only enjoy it because of Bella Swan. My all-time favorite CBV fragrance!
11/4/11 1:59am
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I pick up mostly Edward Cullen from this scent, not much of Bella Swan at all.