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Trick Or Treat
Category: House Blends
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Description: Caramel Corn and Buttercream Crunch... another customer favorite!
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6/28/12 1:59pm
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Yummy!!! This one i get a sweet buttercream mixed with the oh so yummy candy corn.Nice throw on this one.This is great on it's own but this would be a really good mixer as well.
1/21/12 1:01am
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You can smell the candy corn and the buttercream. It's a yummy combo! The scent shots pack the most fragrance (strong throw) and the candle version gives a medium throw. Love this one...
12/19/11 4:16am
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Sweet buttery goodness! Reminds me of Caramelized Pralines! I've never actually tried CBV's "Candy Corn" scent, but I feel like this would smell very similar.
11/1/11 3:18pm
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Strong buttery notes...