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Three Wise Men
Category: Christmas Fragrances
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Description: Frankincense and Myrrh, Patchouli, and sandalwood.
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7/7/12 5:06pm
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I think this just might be one of my new favorite scents, I love sandalwood and I love patchouli and together they're just amazing. Victoria's sandalwood scent is amazing, it almost has a sweet, vanilla scent to it, as opposed to a heavy, earthy one. I think even those who hate earthy scents would enjoy this.
4/16/12 3:34pm
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Even though I'm not a fan of earthy scents, this is a very pleasant, well-balanced fragrance. The individual notes mix together very nicely. I've been searching for a very nice fragrance to give to a friend who loves earthy scents, and this would definitely be one that I would give to her - fully expecting that she would love it!
12/17/11 5:23am
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Yummy! If you love earthy scents, you'll LOVE this one! SO good!