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Rock That Vanilla
Category: The Candleman's Closet
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Description: Listen up vanilla lovers!! This fragrance is unbelievably good! It's vanilla with a touch of earthiness added for depth.
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2/6/13 8:55am
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I was pleasantly surprised with this scent. I put off purchasing because I didn't think it would be for my nose. There were sooo many great reviews, so I bought it..and WOW so yummy. I let mine cure for about three months and the throw was strong. I loved this so,much, I bought the soap and body butter and not only does the house smell yummy...I smell yummy ;)
4/19/12 11:52pm
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This is incredible. I dont really smell a typical vanilla scent but a light perfumey note with something extra. I want to douse myself in this fragrance. It's sexy.
EDIT: this is a very light thrower. couldn't smell it in my warmer so i'll keep it for the bedroom.
4/18/12 12:22pm
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This has become one of my favorite mixers. soooo good
4/16/12 4:21pm
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Not being a L*** fan, this one isn't for my nose. I have, however, smelled the product that it is duping, and it is indeed spot-on. I could see that it would be a lighter throw than some other dupes - but still very nice.
1/27/12 12:19pm
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I love the scent of what this is duping and this is SPOT on. I like it in the bathroom when Im taking a bath or in the bedroom at night
1/26/12 2:50pm
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On cold throw I thought this scent was just average, but after warming it I think it is very nice. Just as the description states it is a vanilla with a touch of earthiness. I've seen/read reviews that say they get a strawberry note in here and I can see that possibly on cold throw, but I get no strawberry when it's warm. It's vanilla with a slight touch of earthy musk. Also, I think this would be a good scent to mix with other things. Four stars.
1/21/12 2:09am
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This is a really nice fragrance and is my 2nd fave Vanilla scent. It doesn't have a strong scent throw, so it's good for a bedroom or bath. I like to burn in my bedroom. It's definitely nice!