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Raspberry Gauva
Category: Fruity Fragrances
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Description: A perfect fruity blend that you will love.
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Comments for Raspberry Gauva

6/11/13 4:51am
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I liked it much better on cold sniff when i first received it. Maybe I let it cure too long but it doesn't smell as juicy warm as I first remember it smelling on first cold sniff. Not strong scent throw. Fake rasberry scent and the guava I don't smell.
9/8/12 1:48am
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Sweet raspberry with just a hint of gauva nice and strong.
7/13/12 3:42am
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Fruity, Juicy and a hint of Sweet! A great summer fragrance probably would even be good all year long.
5/25/12 6:43pm
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Interesting scent. The guava tones/waters down the raspberry, so it doesn't smell totally like a raspberry scent. Not super strong when warmed. It's alright, but I don't really get the hype about it.
3/7/12 11:19pm
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Tart, like a delicious sour candy. I love it. Raspberry is dominant don't really get the guava.
3/2/12 3:42pm
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another raspberry scent i love cold but i don't get much out of it when warmed up
1/27/12 11:50am
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This was my very first candles by victoria scent shot I melted and I have to say it is still one of my absolute favorites. It's sweet, fresh fruity, smells real not fake and the throw on this is just amazing. I recommend this to anyone, even people who usually don't like fruity
11/12/11 12:33am
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One of my favorites! Nice fresh raspberry scent with a hint of gauva. Perfect for all year :)