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Bella Swan
Category: House Blends
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Description: Chelsea and I put our noses together and came up with the most amazing scent... just like Edward describes Bella, sweet and floral with a warm vanilla note... so pretty!!!
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1/16/13 3:51am
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I love this one. A light and sweet floral. Really lovely. I can see why people think this smells like grapes but it smells more floral to me.
11/2/12 10:26pm
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Beautiful scent of grapes,lilacs and sweet vanilla.Strong throw and very pretty...I hate floral scents but i love this one.
7/13/12 3:59am
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I get the grape scent pretty strongly in this so its not a favorite but I put the other half away to cure some more. Hopefully the grape will settle down and I'll get more of the floral notes
7/7/12 4:52am
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this isn't a favorite for me. I get a grape scent with a strange smell following..hmm..not sure about this one, everyone seems to like it so i'll probably let it cure.
7/4/12 11:47pm
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A LOVELY smell. A must try!
7/2/12 7:10pm
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A FAVORITE! Oh my goodness, so amazing. While I HATE twilight, I am loving this fragrance. Complex and beautiful, words cannot describe the loveliness! Lol! Very deep, rich fruits layered with the most beautiful florals and graced with a touch of vanilla. Gorgeous. Good job Chelsea and Victoria! You outdid yourselves. I WILL REORDER IN EVERYTHING I CAN! :)
3/29/12 5:39am
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I like this scent a lot. I smell Lilacs, violets,Vanilla and a touch of berries. It is the perfect mix of sweetness and a floral. I'd definitely reorder this 9 of 10
3/2/12 2:56pm
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its ok its a little to light for me & i think its like a lighter version of love spell
11/17/11 8:57pm
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This is one amazing scent. Try it even if you think you don't like florals. Lovely lilac sweet vanilla smell. I also get a grapey or fruity note others mention. Beautiful purple color.
11/7/11 11:55pm
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A very interesting mixture,there's the slight grapish scent surrounded by a slightly powdery floral.I think this is a scent that will please and interest alot of people.
11/5/11 3:57pm
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I can't believe how much I love this scent because I absolutely hate florals. However this is such a beautiful relaxing scent to me! It is more of a grapey type floral which I absolutely love!
11/4/11 12:34pm
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Had this a while ago and remember being surprised how much I loved it because I'm not really a floral fan. I think there is more of a sweetness and softness to it, not really floral.
11/3/11 5:30pm
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Very strong; too strong for me. It's an alright scent, but definitely not a reorder for me.
11/1/11 10:18pm
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Definitely a lot of lilac and almost a candy grape scent. I generally dislike florals but this one is pretty good.
11/1/11 2:34pm
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Hate Twilight, yes I do, but LOVE this scent and all of the other Twilight scents Victoria makes (Except Jacob Black. haha. Too musky for my taste). This is so smooth and floraly and just lovely smelling in your home!
9/28/11 1:04pm
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Possibly the best CBV scent *ever*. Gorgeous floral, smooth, rich, lilac, hyacinth and grape notes. Super strong throw, even in a candle. I'm only giving this 5 stars because there's no way to give it 10 - I would if I could.