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Bathtime With Pooh
Category: The Candleman's Closet
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Description: Crunchy toffee bits with generous drizzles of sweet honey makes this fragrance so delectable and mouthwatering.
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7/5/13 2:58am
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Candleman's Closet scents should be labeled as bath product dupes, for those who aren't aware of this fact. Add me to the list of those who were expecting a bakery scent. Also, several people have mentioned that it smells just like J&J baby shampoo. I wouldn't say it's 'exact', because J&J is very distinct, but it's certainly reminicent of. I like this one well enough for what it is, but with toffee and honey in the description, and no mention of soap, it's not what I thought it would be.
4/3/13 5:13am
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This is an amazing scent. Relaxing, serine, calming, soapy,sweet & soothing all at the same time. This is a perfect scent 4you, if u enjoy taking bubble baths. I bought it in a 4 Oz. mini jelly jar and I light it every time I take a bath. And wow who knew a lil candle could have such great scent throw & fill up ur whole bathroom with a scent that can put you right to sleep. Literally! It did. Lol Spot on dupe. I think it is even better smelling than the original smell in soap form. Must have!!!
3/12/13 8:42pm
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11/2/12 10:19pm
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If you love the smell of a baby you need to try this one.smells just like johnson and johnson baby shampoo.Med/strong throw I am loving this one.
9/21/12 9:59pm
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This scent is also perfect in the reed diffuser and oil refresher. The reed diffusers last forever and I make room spray with the oil refresher :)
8/11/12 6:28pm
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I Love this scent so much!! sweet, warm and just a comforting scent. You could melt/burn this in any room in your house cause it just smells that good. One of my favorites and can't wait to try it in candle form.
7/24/12 5:25pm
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This fragrance is beautiful! Soft, sweet, and fresh all in one. This is my new favorite scent.
7/5/12 2:41am
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Meh... I don't get the hype. It's an ok sweet clean scent with a medium throw but I don't think its for me.
7/2/12 7:01pm
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I am liking this one. I would say this is definitely a "clean" scent, but I like how it gracefully intertwines with the honey and toffee aspects of the fragrance. I am also picking up the faintest air of citrus. Very nice.
5/26/12 7:57am
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I love burning this candle when I'm in the bath! I have not had one person smell this candle without them loving it ! It smells like toffee, dripping honey, and a faint smell of soap...but not in a bad a nice clean way. mmmmmm i cannot tell you enough about this candle. Just go out and get it for yourself , you wont regret it !!
5/22/12 4:23pm
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I was going through my collection and pulled this out.. When I first got it, I was not impressed.. But it's been curing for about 5 months now and it is REALLY good.. I gave it two stars before, but I'm definitely changing it to 4 stars. The toffee note smells a lot better now that the honey note is actually there!
5/7/12 6:48pm
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I thought the honey and toffee scent would be awesome, but unfortunately all I could smell was baby powder, which I'm really not a fan of in candle form. Oh well.
4/16/12 4:29pm
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This is one of Victoria's all-time favored scents, but it's just not for my nose. I don't care for L*** at all - their combinations of soap and food smells just don't please my senses. If it were one or the other, that would make more sense to me - but it just doesn't work in my mind. If you are a fan of L***, get this without delay, as Victoria takes L*** fragrances and does them ten times better.
4/4/12 7:23pm
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While I do own the soap and shower gel of this dupe, I think I like it better in the tub as opposed to a room scent.
4/2/12 3:31am
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this really does smell just like the soap from L***! it's strong and very nice and clean.
3/29/12 9:32pm
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This scent is unique. BUT ... I did not like it at all. =0( Know, that I've never smelled the original it's duping. From the description, I thought there would be more honey/sweet smell. To me, it smelled of a floral sour milky cleaning scent - kind of like some very ODD cleaning product. 2 Stars.
3/29/12 7:49am
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This is another dupe that is fairly spot on... but to me it smells more like the IRM shower gel than the HIWTK soap. I love this fragrance for the bathroom! Amazing sweetly clean scent 10 of 10 rating for me. MUST GET SOME MORE SOON!!!
3/26/12 1:06pm
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I didn't like this either. I can't put my finger on why, but even on cold throw my nose didn't love it. Time didn't really change that. Will not be reordering.
3/2/12 2:51pm
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Im so sorry ladies & gents but i do not like this one it smells like an old musty candle that has been sitting for years in the back of you dresser you forgot about...sorry
2/29/12 2:33am
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In my top 5. Sweet & Clean. I mixed this with Peace and named it "Cleanliness is Godliness" and I love that combo too. Love!
2/11/12 4:21pm
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This was one of the most praised scents, so I ordered it. I do have to say, it is not one of my favorites. Maybe because the clean and sweet smell are slightly confusing together. It was just not what I expected. But it is so many individuals favorites, so keep on keepin on!
1/21/12 1:02am
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I'll start by saying I've never smelled the l**h version, so I can't speak to how close of a dupe it is. It certainly is VERY soapy though. I can smell toffee and a sweetness that I'm sure is supposed to be the honey (although I don't pick up an actual honey scent), but the soap just overpowers everything. It isn't a bad scent, but I am disappointed because I was expecting something very different. Two stars.
12/18/11 8:09pm
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Though the official scent description sounds as though if this sweet, wonderful scent might be a bakery or food scent, I think it can better be described as non-edible or "clean". There is a definite baby powder undertone with top floral and honey/toffee notes. I've never smelled the original L**H version, but I can't be without this fragrance and have it in candles, melts, and oil.
11/17/11 8:47pm
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Pretty close dupe. I think maybe less toffee scent but still really nice clean sweet honey toffee scent. For me it was kinda medium throw but def. A must try! Great for bathrooms or little kids room
11/14/11 3:59am
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So I know so many people love this scent, but i thought when reading the description it was gonna be sweet and like a bakery scent. But I get a very floral and soapy scent which smells good though I dont think its the scent for me. Not much of a floral/soapy kinda girl. Then again I have never smelled the dupe for this either.
11/13/11 7:40pm
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I thought this was the ULTIMATE dupe. My family and I are all addicted to the soap and when I gave them this candle without telling them what it was, they pinpointed it right away. One of my favorite candles ever!
11/12/11 12:37am
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Very nice scent. Personally for my nose it wasn't an exact dupe for the soap but its still a very fresh soothing scent that i love in the bath or before bed. Makes me feel real warm and cozy inside haha :)
11/9/11 3:51pm
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one of my favorites hands down and i'd say it's a pretty good dupe for the soap. scent throw is amazing with this one too.
11/6/11 4:43am
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Very wonderfully relaxing scent,smells like just like what it's duping! Sweet honey and a slight toffee scent all resting on a soapy background.Some times once you're finished burning the scent you can get a sweet powdery scent in the air.All in all,the scent makes me think of a clean baby's room!
11/4/11 5:34am
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I'm one of the few who just doesn't like this scent. I really wanted to like it because it's so loved, but when it was lit I honestly felt like someone had poured J&J baby shampoo into my mouth and nose. I just felt suffocated by a really overwhelming sweet-ish, powdery soapy scent. Not my cup of tea. =/
11/3/11 10:45am
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Deeeeelishious, think chunks of warm butterscotch with a sweet honey undertone and creamy caramel. one of my top pics for making my home warm and inviting.yummy.
11/2/11 2:15am
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I really wish I would've liked this one, because so many people talk about how good it is. I, personally, can't stand it. This is one of the few I've gotten that just don't go with my nose at all. I wish I would've liked it :/
11/1/11 9:48pm
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I found this one was too powdery-smelling for my nose. I wanted more of the toffee smell to come out, but all I smell is a floral type honey and baby powder. Not for me.
11/1/11 8:43pm
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This one is definitely in my top 5. It smells like a sweet, clean baby haha. It's so soft and relaxing. Definitely good for a bathroom but I burn it in any room, any time haha. It's perfect!
11/1/11 7:46pm
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This is definitely a bathroom scent! Think J&J shampoo with honey. This scent has a very good scent throw.
11/1/11 4:54pm
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I wouldn't say it's an exact dupe of the soap but it's very close. This version is deliciously cozy with a hint of clean floral that keeps it from being a bakery scent. Victoria came up with the perfect name for it because it's very much like giving Pooh Bear a bath. Honey, soap, and coziness. A must have for me.