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Nutty Candied Apple
Category: Bakery/Food Fragrances
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Description: Just like the candied apples you get at the carnivals!! Nutty and sweet with some apple to boot this scent will bring back some memories!
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9/19/12 4:12am
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Yum sweet apple and a hint of caramel.Strong throw
2/21/12 7:54am
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I've had this in a SS and a 9 oz candle. I think it's smells just like a nutty caramel apple. The SS was stronger in scent throw but the candle did provide a more than adequate throw. A very nice fall scent.
11/4/11 10:49pm
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I know most love this scent but, not me. reminded me of soy sauce or A Chinese restaurant. I know .....sounds crazy but, that's what i'd get every time I'd burn it. Not for me.